“I work every day to find ways to solve problems you encounter in daily life and to help our businesses grow.

It is an honor to serve you and the community I’ve lived in and loved my whole life.”


Kevin Ryan has been through the toughest of times at the Capitol, and he’s delivered for us.

He helped pass a bipartisan budget that doesn’t cut town or education funding—or raise the sales or income tax.

He worked to lower prescription drug costs, provide job training, and help families coping with opioid addiction.

Kevin isn’t finished fighting for the families of eastern Connecticut.


  • Continue to help middle-class families with state and local taxes as we work to lessen the impact of the new federal tax laws
  • Build on new laws allowing pharmacists to discuss less expensive alternatives with patients and continue lowering prescription drug costs
  • Combat the opioid epidemic with additional support for families and first responders as well as the availability of safe treatment facilities
  • Expand the use of mobile manufacturing labs in our public schools and community colleges so our students can learn skills they need on the job
  • Protect women’s health, including maternity care and breast-cancer testing, as insurance companies fight to roll coverage back


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